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Cana Country

Welcome to the Sovereign Nation of Cannabis

Powered by our Unique ‘Cana Seed’ Blockchain NFTs

To Start buy your CanaSeed NFT just 1 ETH each
Sow your seed in a plot somewhere in Cana Country
Watch as your fully budded plant matures
Crop the Buds and Cash In at our NFT Market

2x Guaranteed ROI

Only the Finest Quality Seeds

All our V-plantations use only the very best medical grade organic seed.

From Digital to Physical

When you plant virtually,

Somewhere a farmer is planting physically.

Cana Seed NFTs

A digital storable asset that can be gifted, exchanged and traded like any other NFT collectable.

Our NFTs are downloadable and can be stored as a digital asset with any ETH compatible wallets.

Don’t have a wallet?

No problem. When you purchase your Cana Seed we will give you a FREE 3D NFT Wallet!

Cana Country Projects

Purchase your seed today!

India Seeds of Change

An initial feasibility study that will be conducted on 1 acre of land in the mountains of Northern India.

Purchase Canaland

From small grow operations to industrial cultivation

CanaCounrty offers the perfect investment model for your project.


$30,000+ turnover per year

Small Plantations

$100,000+ turnover per year

Medium Plantation

$500,000+ turnover per year

Large Plantation

$1,000,000+ turnover per year