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About CanaCountry

The Worlds 1st V-nation powered by Blockchain technology and Cannabis. is a virtual space where growers and investor can collaborate. The platform offers services that help steer investment opportunities through a fun and engaging virtual world. Our special brand of NFTs are design to be graphic representations of the progress of a projects road map. Powered by Blockchain we use Smart contract technology to make investing the the emerging cannabis industry, simple, fun and engaging.



Interactive gaming for the acceleration of cannabis cultivation plantations.

Imagine the blockchain technology of Decentraland, meets the playability of Populous. Coming soon, a new blockchain platform that is set to be a real game changer. Presently designed as a 2D platform, the 3D CanaCountry web app has been planned and costed. We are currently looking for a January 2022 release. Once launched then all existing plantations and seeds will be transplanted into the 3D game that will bring CanaCountry into a whole new dimension.
Are you as excited about the idea of CanaCountry as we are? If you are looking to invest in the gaming industry then we have a great offer that will dramatically improve our time frame to market. Contact us today to find out more details.

The Map

The ecosystem of CanaCountry is directed through a simple game map. Once you have your Citizenship Card you will be able to enter our wonderful land of Cana Bliss. Mark out land in strategic locations that will attract investor footfall. Surf through lush valleys and beautiful scenery as you hunt out that next hidden cana opportunity. Engage in the various locations in CanaCountry to get the latest in canatech, meds, legal, and financial.

Canaville Capital City

Found at the centre of the Game map you can come here to buy and sell CanaSeeds and Buds. Inside the central building users can make registrations of citizenship and apply for land rights for plantation projects.


With its strong ties to Ayurvedic and herbal medicines, Canamedical is the place to go to find out about the latest breaking news in canna treatments.


Waste not want not. Our technology centre will show you how to get the most our of your canna crop. From root, to stem, to leaf, to bud, nature finds a use for everything.

Cana St Market

As a part of our ongoing effort to place wholesale products into the service industry of cana culture, our market is the perfect one stop stop that will put you in touch with a vast number of merchants looking for your raw cana materials. A great place to strike a deal


Cannabis culture is synonymous with music, arts and entertainment. Join this space to engage in creative activities, cana campaigns. It the one stop V festival for your Cana Connection.


How would you like to plant your seed investments?

Maybe a large investment into a stable plantation with a good track record. Or spread your bets and seed a variety of projects with different risk factors. Of maybe you might like to support a plantation that has an ecological/sociological aim. Whatever the reason you want to invest in the Cannabis Industry, Canaland offer an intuitive gaming interface that will keep you updated of live events from your plantations. The graphical landscape will easily help you to identify promising investment. Plantation with seeds that are well formed are quick investment opportunities as the harvest is close to cropping. Bare plantations have yet to receive any funds, but would you be the first to invest? Through the appearance of a single plantation an investor will be able to tell, how large a project is, expected turnover, and stage of fulfillment. No other investment platform has ever offered this kind of utility, and the cannabis market offers the perfect environment for the game to commence.


Who Are We?


We are a group of free thinking individuals with a long standing history in the Cannabis movement. Our Magazine, the Green queen is lead by the Queen of Cheese, a master grower and winner of the cannabis cup for her strain of skunk weed under the same name. We have attended numerous conferences, such as Breaking Conventions, gathering and festivals from which we have pulled together one of the most prestigious networks of movers and shakers in the cannabis movement.
Now through our relationships with coders in the blockchain community we have devised a platform that we feel will help disrupt the market, and accelerate our vision to establish the mindset of cannabis as a positive plant in the culture of all humanity.
The initial plantation projects will give us the opportunity to galvanise the cannabis community, and will provide a trusted data source that will be available for authorities of different nations, so they can make informed policy making decisions.
CanaCountry is more that just an idea. It is a nation of people who all agree that the freedom of cannabis rights are intrinsic to the completeness of our existing rights and obligations, such as, our right to choose our own style of health care, and our ecological responsibilities to planet earth. We find that time and again one plant can solve so many of our problems. Cannabis
With the current climate on earth calling our for a simple natural solution, now is the time. The freeing of the cannabis industry has already begun, and we intend to accelerate this movement through responsible use of Blockchain Technology to create legitimate investment infrastructure that will power everything from the small garden allotment to the industrial grower.