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Buy Land

Welcome to CanaCountry Central Union

Think you have what it takes to become a master grower?

Or maybe you already have an established grow operation?

Would you like to setup your own V-plantation?

Here at CanaCountry we are offering two pathways for potential plantation owners to get setup with the right V-plantation for their project.


Perfect for those who are just getting into the Cana Industry, or who have limited experience. We offer help with your project proposal through a simple form that can be filled out and submitted with your request.


Are you already an established grower with a track record of producing high quality cana materials. For those with a demonstrable history, our simple online application form is quick easy to fill out.

Once you have your Citizen Passport login to apply for Land Rights.

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Citizenship Card

We ask that you register for Citizenship before applying, as each application take time for us to assess properly. Note that in the event that your project proposal does not meet our platform guidelines or we are unable to consider your application for whatever reason, then you can receive a full refund of your Citizenship deposit, minus ETH gas fees.

Deposits for Plantations

Once your application has been approved you will be offered plot sizes that meet your budget investment targets. Plantation deposits start from just 1 ETH for micro investments. Once you have made your deposit you will received a Land Rights NFT that will allow you to claim a space in CanaCountry Nature Reserve.

Growing Cycle

As your plantation bears fruits, so plantation owners can update the Investors with a text, images and video broadcasts. This triggers the release of the next round of seed funds, and updates the growth of each invested NFT Seed. Once the Project Completes the grow is responsible for the return on investment, into the projects specified Blockchain Account. This will trigger the smart contract to produce Buds on each plant that can be redeemed at the exchange by the investor.


Once a plantation owner has completed a successful growing cycle, that earn reward. From Bronze, Solver and gold CanaCountry Trophy are a clear indication to investor as to a grow capability to manage their plantations successfully.
Investors who exchange Buds for Seed they reinvest in a plantation can also receive CanaCountry trophy’s for there dedication in supporting the Cana Movement.
A citizen who holds a CanaCountry Trophy receives a rebate on their citizens card deposit. Gold Trophy holders are entitled to FREE citizenship.

Plantation Types

Currently we are offering 4 types of plantation to suit different grower and investor needs. Small plots require less investment, are easy to manage. Larger plantations are for established growers that wish to raise larger investments.
Plantation Stars
Aside from the size of the plantation, the investment offer can be combined with a wider ethical aim, that is working towards establishing a fair and reasonable cannabis industry. Such Plantations can receive a STAR that highlights the projects aims and objectives.

Ready to dig in?

Before you get your hands dirty make sure you review the platforms rules and guidelines. If you feel that CanaCountry is still for you, then the first step is to make an application for Citizenship.Once registered you can make an application at CanaCountry Central Union.

Already got your citizenship?

Great Login and apply whenever you are ready and apply today!