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Citizens Passport

Welcome to CanaCountry Residential Admissions Portal

Are you ready to enter the land of bliss?

Citizen Passports are FREE, with a 2 ETH Deposit (refundable)

How it works

Deposit 2 ETH for your Citizenship in CanaCountry
Get your citizenship Card NFT that is your personal portal to CanaCountry

Farmer Citizens

  • Select your desired V-plantation size that matches your financial projection (from $30,000+ turnover over year).
  • Submit your project proposal to the CanaCountry Central Union
    Deposit ETH in the CanaCountry Central Bank to get your Land rights Certificate NFT

Investor Citizens

  • Purchase CanaSeed NFTs from the CanaCountry Exchange
  • Wander through the lush land of CanaCountry an inspect the plantation opportunities.
  • Plant your CanaSeeds in the plantation that most delights you
    watch as your seed grows into a fully fledged plant.
  • Pluck off the V-buds and take them to the CanaCountry Exchange to claim your ETH

Citizenship Obligations

We are a Cana Community Built on Trust.

Citizens who have successfully managed a plantation cycle or Citizens who purchase seed and redeem their buds, are awarded Trophys, and can redeem a percentage value of their Citizenship Deposits.



Citizens may redeem their deposits for their deposits for their citizens card at any time, providing that all investment seeds have been cropped, and the plantation is free of seeds. Please allow for 60 Days for the assessment of your account to be completed.

Once the Citizenship Card has been returned that person will no longer be able to access CanaCountry, but may reapply at any time, with considerations of any restrictions places on a users account.

The CanaCountry Central Union reserves the right to withdraw citizen cards through written warnings sent to the registered owners email address. The responsibility for receiving all email communication lies with the End User (citizen). Any email sent by will be considered served for due consideration.


As a Citizen of CanaCountry you will get instant access to a host of services that will help you get the most out of your projects and investments.

1. All citizens can plant seed without charges. CanaCountry offers a Free NFT trading ecosystem.
2. CanaCountry Internal affairs offer FREE arbitration services.
3. Access to the CanaCountry Community Hub where citizens and build relationships with each other.
4. The CanaCountry Technology Center offers FREE news and advice for the uses of Cana materials.
5. The CanaCountry Merchants Club offers a wide range services for the wholesale trading of Cana Material.
6. The CanaCountry Legal Team can help you steer your project through the barriers erected in the Old World Order.


Get your Citizen Membership Card today.

Your personal passport to CanaCountry

No vaccination needed