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I have an existing Plantation how can I join?

If you are an existing grower simply get your citizenship card, and fill out the quick setup application form, and we will produce a plantation offer based on the size of your business. You can modify the offer and investment strategy. Once the final changes have been reviewed to can make a deposit for a Land Rights certificate NTF which you can use to lay claim to a portion of V-space within the CanaCountry ecosystem.

I want to start a Plantation. How can I join?

If you are interested in setting up as a plantation owner the first thing to do is get your CanaCountry Citizenship Card. Then you can make an application to the Central Union, where we will help you develop your idea through our FREE ‘New Growers’ Startup Program. Once we have devised a clear setup strategy and cost projection, we will allocate a suitable plantation size for the project to commence. Finally place your deposit with CanaCountry Central Union for the release of your V-plantation.

I want to invest in the cannabis industry. How can CanaCountry help me?

We aim to provide the very best investment platform that is fine tuned to reduce risk. All of our V-Plantations a vetted. Our team of experts in the Cana Industry ensures that each project is properly budgeted with realistic financial projections. We make sure that our V-plantations are operated in compliance with the territorial laws of other nation states. We charge a 2 ETH citizenship deposit so that help attract serious plantation operators, and deter opportunists. When a Citizen produces a successful cycle, that are awarded medals of honor that help distinguish them as trusted and capable growers. We believe that no other platform offers this level of service that helps to reduce risk, whilst providing a sensible minimum return value of 2x per seed per cycle.

Why should I stake 2 ETH in CanaCountry?

Actually you are not Staking, you are depositing 2 ETH. We do not offer interests on deposits, moreover, they are a provision that ensures we are attracting the right kind of grower and investors to the Community. Each citizen performs well on the platform will be entitled to a rebate on the citizenship deposit, and maintain full Citizenship rights. We aim to provide a system of trust through action, where citizens will earn the right to FREE Citizenship Cards.

Why should I trust CanaCountry?

Built from a team with a solid reputation in the Cannabis Industry and fronted by the Green Queen Magazine. We have spent decades building a network of the top names, spanning a wide variety of disciplines within the cannabis sector. Before investing or applying for Citizenship we strongly recommend you check out our online magazine portal that documents much of the work we have done to raise awareness of the cannabis issue. From Health, Materials, Growing techniques, seed genetics, and Legal Lobbing, The CanaCountry nation is built by people who really care about the benefits a thriving cannabis industry can bring, for people who want to proactively move towards this unified vision.

How can I buy CanaSeeds?

Presently CanaSeed NFTs are exclusively available from the CanaCountry Exchange. Once you have your Citizenship Card you are free to purchase as many as you like.

Can I trade my CanaSeed NFT on the open market?

You can trade the NFT contract, but CanaSeed NFTs can only be sown in CanaCountry Plantations. Therefore if you sell the NFT to someone without a Citizenship Card, then they will not be able to sow the seed. Once a CanaSeed NFT has been sown in a plantation it cannot be traded as it becomes held in the V-plantation until the seed matures into a fully fledged plant. The Buds of the plant can be removed and redeemed at the CanaCountry Exchange.

Can I get a refund on my CanaSeed NFT?

As long as the seed has not been planted we can offer a refund, minus 10% admin fee and any gas fees incurred. Refunds can take up to 30 days to complete.

Once my seed is sown can I transplant it to another plantation?

No. The funds from sown seeds are utilized by plantation owners to begin cultivation. Once the first seed is sown to the project commences.

What happens if the Crop fails?

Through our careful vetting of plantation owners, and through our Citizen Awards that exemplify the merits of good growers we aim to incentives safer investment opportunities.

However, no investment is completely risk free. Presently we are Guaranteeing a 2x return on Seeds that complete a growing cycle. This modest return allow us to balance the risk against crop failure. If a crop should fail before completion we will return the CanaSeed NFT to the original investor. They will then have the option of investing in a different plantation, or getting a refund on their CanaSeed NFT.

What legal obligations I am undertaking?

We insist that all plantation owners comply with all laws applicable to their territory. We aim to build bridges with governments and recognized bodies to bring about a beneficial shift toward opening the potential of the cannabis market. Therefore, we guarantee that all investments will operate within the laws governing the industry.
Within the CanaCountry Ecosystem, that concept of money is obsoleted by the idea of smart contracts.

The CanaSeed is a 3D object that represents the evolvement of a physical plantation. Each plantation owner is responsible for repaying investors out of the returns they make on a crop cycle. We offer FREE mentoring and support for project, however, if the crop should fails then we have an arbitration process to help settle accounts.

Whilst decisions made in CanaCountry might hold no weight in the real world legal system, we do maintain the right to withdraw citizen privileges should any conduct be detected that is against our ethos of trust built performance.

Why does it take 60 days to withdraw my Citizenship?

Sometime it can take a lot less time. It all depends on how involved a user is in the platform. IF a plantation owner is in mid project and wishes to hand it over, or if someone is a casual investor who wishes to withdraw all funds. We assess each case, and once the obligations of any seed cycle are complete or successfully transfer to another citizen, then the refund will be instantly granted.

I am an expert in the Cannabis Industry. Can I offer my services?

We have built a team of some of the best names in the Cannabis Industry, but we still don’t know everyone. Why not introduce yourself at the Green Queen magazine. Once we get to know you we can see how our existing networks overlap and take it from there. We are always happy to hear from fellow Cana Bliss seekers.

Do you have an affiliate marketing facility?

Not really, but we do have a program for plantation seed sales where you are assigned a particular plantation to help sell investor seeds. Commissions vary, and we normally only look for people with experience in sales and marketing for this opportunity. Again contact us through the Green Queen Magazine and lets see how we can work together.

Any other Questions?

You can contact us through the Green queen magazine, of the contact page of this site.